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Who we are

Goldsboro Assisted Living and Alzheimer’s Care is a facility designed for the care of elderly residents as well as those with Alzheimer’s Disease. We offer a specialized Alzheimer’s Unit. This unit is dedicated to Alzheimer’s residents with an approach that is specific to their needs, interests and abilities. It is a secured unit that allows the residents to roam while being in a safe and secure environment. This allows for freedom and mobility.

The staff of GAL&AC has been specially trained to work with Alzheimer’s residents. This includes staff on both the assisted living hallway and the Alzheimer’s Unit. Staff trainers and educators have many years experience with Alzheimer’s residents and themselves have received a lot of training from experts in the field.

Staffing ratios on both the assisted living hall and the Alzheimer’s Unit meet state regulations. The staffing ratios on the Alzheimer’s Unit are higher than the assisted living hall. Alzheimer’s residents require more supervision and assistance, and extra staff is provided to meet these needs. GAL&AC employs this staff throughout each 24-hour day including a Resident Care Coordinator, Special Care Unit Coordinator, Supervisors and certified nursing assistants. We have a RN available for training, assessments and consultations as needed.

GAL&AC strives to provide the best atmosphere for all our residents to enhance the quality of life for our residents.


Goldsboro Assisted Living and Alzheimer's Care has received 4 Gold Stars from the Division of Health Service Regulation. This means we have received 100 points or better on each of our last 3 surveys!

  • 2017- 102.5 points

These surveys are based on the care provided in adult care homes including resident care and services, medication management and requirements for the Alzheimer's Unit.

Goldsboro Assisted Living and Alzheimer's Care has not received any citations during annual surveys. We are dedicated to providing the best care possible for our residents.

For questions regarding surveys, please contact the state website at:

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