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Goldsboro Assisted Living is a facility that I am proud to recommend for anyone that needs assistance in everyday living. My Mother has been in this facility for nearly 14 years. She had a very bad stroke 14 years ago. The doctors said she would never leave the hospital. This facility has given her extraordinary care. The staff keeps a close check on their residents. My Mother loves the staff a lot. She considers this her home. When I take her home for a few days, she is always ready to go back to her home. Another thing that is great is the way the residents seem to be one big family. If they see anyone that needs something, they make sure the resident gets what they need. As a matter of fact, the residents love each other very much. This facility has been a real blessing. I encourage anyone that needs assistance in daily living to highly consider this one. - B. Dail, family member

I feel this facility is appropriate for assisted living and Alzheimer's residents. The personality of the staff and the care they give the residents is great. The staff always acts very concerned about the residents and takes good care of them. My Father in on the Alzheimer's Unit and receives excellent care. I would recommend this facility to anyone. - J. Cunningham, family member

My Mother has been a resident of Goldsboro Assisted Living and Alzheimer's Care for about a year. I feel comforted knowing that she receives genuine quality care from the staff. The new owner as made many wonderful improvements at the facility. My Mother has a home where she can receive the care she needs and as her Alzheimer's progresses, she can continue to stay where she feels at home and safe. That is a blessing. - JoAnne Fields Daniels, family member, Chairperson Neuse Region Memory Walk

My Brother has been a resident at Goldsboro Assisted Living and Alzheimer's Care since 2003. I visit the facility quite often. We have been very pleased with the service my Brother receives. The facility is kept clean and the staff is friendly and helpful. I would recommend this facility to anyone looking to place a loved one. - D. Tyner, family member

My family and I have been very, very pleased with the care that our mother has, and is, receiving at Goldsboro Assisted Living and Alzheimer's Care. She has been in this facility for 2 1/2 years on the Alzheimer's Unit. We have been impressed with the personnel, as well as the facility itself. She is doing well and, if she is away from the facility will say, "I need to go home". I think that speaks for itself as to her desire to be there with her "friends". We are especially pleased with the coordinated care she receives from everyone, not only the nursing assistants, but also Activities, Administration, Dietary and Resident Care personnel. We plan for our mother to stay at Goldsboro Assisted Living and Alzheimer's Care as long as she possibly can. Thanks GAL and AC!!! - E. Fail and family

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